Buy Monetized YouTube channel

We sell country target and niche related channels, so, You can Buy Monetized YouTube channel at cheap price with full access and 180 days support after sale.

We provide pre-monetized YouTube channels. Simply buy monetized YouTube channel to begin earning money on the network right immediately. We follow YouTube’s guidelines in order to ensure your 100% happiness.

Buy Monetized YouTube channel – Features

  • Type of Accounts old YouTube channels for sale.
  • All accounts must have 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours.
  • Content includes between five to fifty videos.
  • Account names with multiple genders or niches are written in the Latin alphabet.
  • Secure: The system is completely secure and has never previously issued any warnings.
  • IP Geolocation Registration: Yes
  • Yes, email verification enable and changeable
  • Email address included.
  • Format sneak peek Activated Monetization; Username; Password; Recovery.
  • Delivery: Instantly.
  • After sale Guarantee for 180 days, If you face any technical issues.
  • Account replace guarantee for 7 days.


buy monetized youtube channel
buy monetized youtube channel

Want to buy monetized YouTube channel?

On SMMInfluencer, you may buy a variety of YouTube channels, from those with only a few subscribers to those earning tens of thousands of dollars per month. More and more people are relying only on YouTube to support themselves.

Starting a YouTube channel from scratch may be challenging, many people who want to start earning money on the platform opt to buy pre monetized YouTube channel.

Did you know that in order to monetize a YouTube channel, there must be at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views. As a result, a lot of YouTube broadcasters quit after a short while. If you experience this, don’t be concerned. Our website, SMMInfluencer.com, offers a variety of choices.

How to buy monetized youtube channel?

You arrived at the pre-monetized YouTube channel seller’s store with the intention of purchasing a pre-monetized and available for sale YouTube channel. Here, I’ll explain how to purchase a YouTube channel on SMMInfluencer.

Please follow the instructions I give you to make a secure purchase. After reading the following description and selecting your target niche for your YouTube channel account, you can check the price table for Buy Monetized YouTube channel with a million subscribers and click the Add to Cart button. This will take you to the checkout page, where you can fill out the form with your target niche and purchase a monetized YouTube channel using cryptocurrency payments.

After the payment you will received the confirmation of your payment and we will be provided all channels list with the links from your target country. just choose your channel and reply on the email which we immediately send all the credential of this account and user manual also will be provided to you.

you have 7 days to replace the account and also you are covered with 180 days guarantee of technical support after sale in the package on our all plans.

Benefit to Buy Monetized YouTube channel!

Everyone on YouTube knows how tough it is to qualify for and get approved into the YouTube Partner Program. Unless you are willing to finish every step on your own and are willing to put up with the problems brought on by this bureaucracy.

The best solution is to acquire a channel for monetization. You may occasionally see with your own eyes on live dashboard. how much money the channel brings in each month because all of the essential stages and tedious effort have been performed. Just buy monetized YouTube Channel and start earning with your new uploaded videos.

we offers to buy a million views on your YouTube video at cheap price and get more subscribers and more earnings with a viral video on your channel.

Buy YouTube Channel with a Specific Niche

See the Categories Below:

  1. Adult Entertainments Buy YouTube Channel
  2. Automotive YouTube Channel
  3. Art Lover YouTube Channel
  4. Boxing Lover YouTube Channel
  5. Beauty Tips YouTube Channel
  6. Baby Care YouTube Channel
  7. Cars Lovers YouTube Channel
  8. Crypto Investor YouTube Channel
  9. Clothing & Accessories YouTube Channel
  10. Currency Trading YouTube Channel
  11. Cute cat Videos YouTube Channel
  12. Cinema & Celebrities (Bollywood) YouTube Channel
  13. Cinema & Celebrities (Hollywood) YouTube Channel
  14. Dance Lover YouTube Channel
  15. Dog Lover YouTube Channel
  16. Dating YouTube Channel
  17. Education Related YouTube Channel
  18. Entertainment YouTube Channel
  19. Fun Memes YouTube Channel
  20. Food Lover YouTube Channel
  21. Financial services YouTube Channel
  22. Family Related YouTube Channel
  23. Film & Television YouTube Channel
  24. Gift & Flowers lover YouTube Channel
  25. Girls Collection YouTube Channel
  26. Games & Toys Lover YouTube Channel
  27. Garden – YouTube Channel
  28. Health & Beauty YouTube Channel
  29. Home Decoration YouTube Channel
  30. Hunting & Fishing YouTube Channel
  31. Hobbies & Collectibles YouTube Channel
  32. Information Technology YouTube Channel
  33. International Politics YouTube Channel
  34. Motivational Speakers YouTube Channel
  35. Meditation YouTube Channel
  36. Music & Videos YouTube Channel
  37. NFTs Investors YouTube Channel
  38. Nature LOVER YouTube Channel
  39. News YouTube Channel
  40. Parlor & SPA YouTube Channel
  41. Poetry & Quotes YouTube Channel
  42. Photography YouTube Channel
  43. Q AND A YouTube Channel
  44. Rare Coins Lover YouTube Channel
  45. Religion & Spirituality YouTube Channel
  46. Real Estate YouTube Channel
  47. Shopping love YouTube Channel
  48. Social Networks Growth YouTube Channel
  49. Stock Exchange Investors YouTube Channel
  50. Sports YouTube Channel
  51. Science & Technology YouTube Channel
  52. Tips & Tricks YouTube Channel
  53. Technical videos YouTube Channel
  54. Travel Blog Lover YouTube Channel
  55. Wedding Planner YouTube Channel
  56. Web Developers Tutorial video YouTube Channel
  57. Website Tools YouTube Channel
  58. Wellness Holistic Health YouTube Channel
  59. World Festivals YouTube Channel

How much does a cost to buy Monetized YouTube channel?

Price List:
  • Pre Monetized with 1000 subscribers 4000 watch hours, $150
  • Exclusive PVA monetized YouTube channel with 5,000 subscribers, $250
  • YouTube 2017 registered with 10,000 subscribers, $375
  • Pre monetized YouTube channel 2015 registered with 13,000 subscribers, $450
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2014 registered with 15,000 subscribers, $575
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2020 registered with 20,000 subscribers, $650
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2013 registered with 25,000 subscribers, $725
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2014 registered with 35,000 subscribers, $899
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2015 registered with 40,000 subscribers, $1099
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2010 registered with 50,000 subscribers, $1499
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2012 registered with 70,000 subscribers, $1699
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2009 registered with 100,000 subscribers, $2399
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2009 registered with 150,000 subscribers, $2999
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2008 registered with 150,000 subscribers, $2999
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2007 registered with 225,000 subscribers, $3999
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2015 registered with one million subscribers, $4999
  • Monetized YouTube channel 2020 registered with 50,000 subscribers and verified badge, $2100

If you have any Questions feel free to ask us at our live Help Desk

Buy Monetized YouTube channel
Buy Monetized YouTube channel 1

We sell Youtube channels country and niche target channels, So, You can Buy Monetized YouTube channel at cheap price with full access and 180 days support after sale. 

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