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Buy Telegram Verified Badge

On Telegram, accounts or profiles are identified by blue checkmarks known as Verified Badges. The accounts of some of the most well-known Telegram Verified Badge channels in the world may be recognized by a unique blue tick on their Telegram page, which testifies to their trustworthiness.

Buy Telegram Verified Badge from SMMInfluencer for your group, bot, or channel to show that your company is genuine, distinctive, and well-known. For official channels, bots, or public groups, our service is accessible.

Buy Telegram Verified Badge-Features

  1. In terms of your group & Business, it is completely secure.
  2. get your telegram crypto group verified
  3. 100% Customer Satisfaction Assured.
  4. Services come with a lifetime warranty.
  5. You will receive validation within a working week.
  6. We will fully refund your money if we don’t fulfill up to your expectations.
  7. The Premium Support Desk is open around-the-clock.



Want to Buy Telegram Verified Badge?

See the requirements for verification:

To be eligible for a Telegram verified badge, Telegram channels and profiles must follow the Telegram Rules of Service and Community Guidelines, have a profile photo, and match their Telegram username on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Your account needs to be for a genuine individual, business, or other legal organization.
  • You need to have a public account with at least 10 posts, a description, and a profile photo.
  • No matter how many subscribers you have.
  • Your account need to be a unique reflection of the thing it stands for.
  • One account per entity may be confirmed, with the exception of accounts specialized to a language.
  • Please ask us any queries you may have. to reach our Live Help Desk, please.
  • We provide a money-back guarantee and have a 99% success rate. In this cutthroat industry, we are driven to provide the client with the lowest price possible.

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  1. Arfin

    Thank you so much for Telegram blue tick.
    appreciate your fast delivery

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