Get Discord verified badge

Here you can buy discord verified badge for your server or you can get discord partner badge or discord developer badge or discord staff badge and rare badge of certified Discord moderator badge with fast delivery and 100% success guarantee at best price in the whole market get rare discord badges now.

Since we are members of the Discord partner program, getting you a verified badge is a simple process for us. You may inspire everyone that this is the authorized spot for them to share their requirements or community.

Get Discord verified badge – Notes

  1. We accept well-known corporations, brands, or individuals also.
  2. Your community server is a genuine, brand, or famous figure.
  3. Staff badge or developer badge only deliver the authentic persons, please contact our expert before placing the order.
  4. Your server must be an original depiction of the person or company it represents.
  5. Only your server invite can be shared.
  6. The URL of your company’s official website or Twitter profile
  7. Delivery must be made within 3 to 5 working days.
  8. We guarantee technical support for 180 days after it has been validated.
  9. If you have any questions, please contact our live experts. Helpdesk’s


Get Discord verified badge
Get Discord verified badge

How do you get discord verified badge for developer?

Discord has endorsed the creative abilities of the developer community. Owning and using a global slash command-equipped application (app or bot) at least once per 30 days is required for getting the badge.
claim your badge by doing the following: Select a active APP. Choose a community server.

Here with our services we need your Active app URL. and your discord url to provide you a discord developer badge with verification guaranteed delivery even discord reject your application.

How do you get Discord verified badge a partner badge?

The Discord Partner Program is made to reward excellent, active servers with recognition and extra resources to support their community investment.

Partnered servers serve as examples for all of Discord, serving as communities that both new and seasoned users can draw inspiration from when building their own.

You understand that a server belongs to one of the greatest communities out there if a Partner badge is shown next to its name. Just Get Discord verified badge

Requirements for getting Discord partner badge?

  • Your server must be eight weeks old at least.
  • You must enable 2FA Requirement for Server Moderation.
  • Have weekly visits/views from at least 100 participants to your server.
  • Have 500 or more users on your server.
  • Have at least 50 people who actively communicate each week.
  • Retaining at least 20% of participants from Week 1 over an 8-week period.

Additional information

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